What is the e-estonia solution?

E-estonia solution. Who hasn’t heard of it? Estonians are very used to hearing about it, because they are considered a nation of highly developed IT solutions. Today, I will be introducing to you the e-estonia solution. One company, named Net Group has specialized in creating those various solutions that contribute to the overall e-estonia solution. Their competences lie in e-education, e-governance and e-business.

The education part is mostly about how to create efficient systems for the education. Technology is becoming more and more important on the educational landscape and therefore it is important to develop that field. Net Group has worked together with the Estonian Ministry of Education to create a solution for them that will help to move toward a digital education system. This is called the e-schoolbag. This system helps the users find the necessary materials in all over the portal – everything is now in one place. This makes the education system simpler, easier and efficient for the students.

There is also e-governance that is included in the overall e-estonia solution. Right now the systems in use are mostly related to court proceedings. For example Estonia now uses the Estonian court information system and courtal e-court solution. Both are developed together with Net Group and Estonian Ministry of Justice.

Overall what helps the country to become more e-oriented by moving the registers online, using the eID system and more. All of this has made the communications between the government and citizens easier and efficient. And don’t let yourself to be fooled, there are many more improvements to come since the technology sector is constantly improving.

E-solutions for countries are becoming increasingly popular. Net Group for example has worked together with Iraq, Azerbaijan and other Baltic states as well. These solutions seem to be the future of countries and their governments.