Live football statistics and betting

Recently my friend started to betting on football. I said to him that it could be dangerous. You know rookies usually loosing their money there fast – very fast. Simple reason why they are loosing their money is that they do not know the right tactics and tools for that.

But he succeed. How?

He told me that firstly he started to join in different football forums. He learned from the best and even asked stupid questions in these forums. The folks in these forums are very friendly and keen to help rookies out. So first bets and tactics and tools came from suggestions and the source was forums.

So it seemed so beginner luck of type happiness. I waited more and said that to him that one day he will loose and will be broke anyways.

But he won again!

So my interest is raisin and I started to dig into it. Firstly he suggested that I have to dig into history. How my favourite teams have played, what are their cons and pros etc.

Tool for that he suggested is: Live football scores –

There I did my researches and tried some bets in

And I won. Wow it seems so easy just that one tool and boom bet and win.

Ok it could be beginners luck but so far so good!

Happy betting 🙂